How to Delete Browser History On Android

In the modern-day and age, nearly everything gets saved (whether knowingly or unknowingly) on every item that can be remotely called a tech product. This includes our contacts, private messages & emails, documents, pictures, etc. As you might be aware, every time you fire up your web browser and look up something, it gets logged […]

Top 8 Free File Manager Software For Windows 10

The File Explorer, previously known as the Windows Explorer is a file manager application that is available with the Windows OS from the beginning. It provides a graphical user-interface using which you can easily access your files and data stored in your computer. It includes features like the design overhaul, ribbon toolbar, and many more. […]

Top 9 Most Popular Music Production Software For PC Users

Music is the best way to refresh your mind, to calm yourself, to distract yourself, to reduce stress, and more. But in order to listen to music, it has to be made first. Music-making is not a big deal these days because of the thousands of free software available in the market. There is still no […]

Top 9 Free Proxy Software For Windows 10

Internet censorship is very common these days. There are some sites which can hack your data and because of these sites, some virus or malware can also enter your computer. And due to this, some authorities like big companies, schools, colleges, etc. keep these sites blocked so that no one will be able to access […]

4 Ways to Format an External Hard Drive to FAT32

The way files and data are stored, indexed on a hard drive, and retrieved back to the user is far more complex than you might think. A file system controls how the above tasks (storing, indexing, and retrieving) are performed. A few file systems you might be aware of include FAT, exFAT, NTFS , etc. […]

How to Clear Cache on Android Phone (And Why Is It Important)

You must have noticed that there is a certain section of your phone’s storage space that is occupied by cache files. Every app installed on your device contributes to the number of cache files. It might not seem a lot initially but as the number of apps keeps increasing on your device, these cache files […]

Restore Missing Google Calendar Events on Android

Google Calendar is an extremely useful utility app from Google. Its simple interface and array of useful features make it one of the most widely used calendar apps. Google Calendar is available for both Android and Windows. This allows you to sync your laptop or computer with your mobile and manage your calendar events anytime […]

11 Best IDEs For Node.js Developers

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. In fact, when it comes to designing a website or developing an app for a web-based program, Java Script is the first choice for most of the developers and coders. Owing to technologies like Native Script and the presence of progressive web applications, […]

How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Android

Adobe Flash Player is essential and indispensable software. You need Flash player to access and use any kind of interactive apps and graphic-rich content on websites. From viewing multimedia content and streaming video or audio to running any kind of embedded application and games, Adobe Flash player has a lot of use cases. All the […]

How to Hide Files and Apps on Android

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. It wouldn’t be wrong if we considered our mobile phones to be an extension of our identity. We have all kinds of information and data saved on our phone. Some of which are private and sensitive. It is also a means to access various accounts and […]