Electronically Sign PDF Documents Without Printing And Scanning Them

Are you tired of printing, signing, and then scanning your PDF document every time you need to sign PDF forms? Don’t worry we were also in the same boat but luckily we have found a way using which you can electronically sign PDF documents without printing and scanning them. To know more, read our complete […]

Quickly Access Steam Screenshot Folder on Windows 10

Did you just manage to kill off the entire opponent team by yourself in call of duty or counter strike? Maybe you survived the onslaught of opponents in Fortnite or PUBG and were the last one standing?  Or just want to show off your latest construction in Minecraft over on Reddit? A simple screenshot is […]

How to Run JAR Files on Windows 10

A jar file is short for a Java ARchive file and holds java programs (Java class files, metadata, and resources) within it. Being a package file format (similar to .zip file format ), a jar file may also be used to pack together several other files to improve portability and decrease the amount of space […]

How to Disable Adobe AcroTray.exe at Startup

Adobe and its vast range of applications help solve a lot of creative dilemmas. However, the applications itself can cause an equal number of problems/issues as they solve. One of the more frequently experienced problems is the AcroTray.exe running in the background automatically. Acrotray is a component/extension of the Adobe Acrobat application which is frequently […]

Instagram Notifications Not Working? Here are 9 Ways to Fix it!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media app in 2020. But imagine not being able to get any Instagram notifications on your Android or iOS device? The same is being reported by a number of users, and today we take a look at why the Instagram notifications not working issue occurs in the […]

Fix Transaction cannot be completed in Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the core of Android, the key attraction. Billions of apps, movies, books, games are at your disposal, courtesy of the Google Play Store. While a majority of these apps and downloadable content is free, some of them require you to pay a certain fee. The payment process is pretty simple. All […]

Fix Problems with Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a popular music player and a pretty great app for music streaming. It incorporates some of Google’s best in class features along with an expansive database. This allows you to find any song or video pretty easily. You can browse top charts, most popular albums, latest releases, and create a custom […]

Fix Low Bluetooth Volume on Android

Recently a lot of Android devices have started to get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack. This has forced the users to switch to Bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth headphones or earphones are nothing new. They have been around for a very long time. However, they weren’t so widely used as they are today. Despite the hassle […]

How to Enable Grayscale Mode on Android

Android 10 recently launched an uber cool dark mode that immediately won the hearts of a lot of users. Apart from looking great, it also saves a lot of battery. The inverted colour theme has replaced the overbearing white space in the background of most apps with black. This consumes a lot less power by […]

How to use OK Google when the screen is off

Google Assistant is an extremely smart and useful app that makes life easier for Android users. It is your personal assistant that uses Artificial Intelligence to optimize your user experience. It can serve multiple utility purposes like managing your schedule, setting reminders, making phone calls, sending texts, searching the web, cracking jokes, singing songs, etc. […]