Fix WiFi Authentication Error on Android

Android phones are capable of doing a lot of things. With time, it has developed leaps and bounds, and now it is possible to do almost everything on your phone. However, for utilizing your phone to the full extent, you need a stable internet connection. This is where your Wi-Fi comes in. Wi-Fi has become […]

Fix Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation high CPU usage

Like a hungry animal, everything on your personal computer always wants to hog/eat up as many resources as possible. The hoggers on a Windows PC are the various applications, processes, and services that constantly run in the background without the user ever knowing about them, and the resources being hogged upon are the CPU and […]

How to Change the Primary & Secondary Monitor on Windows

It is quite rare to see a person performing only a single task at a time on a PC. Most of us have grown into proficient multitaskers and like working on multiple projects at a single time. Be it listening to music while getting your homework done or opening multiple browser tabs to write your […]

How to Clear Cache on Android Phone (And Why Is It Important)

You must have noticed that there is a certain section of your phone’s storage space that is occupied by cache files. Every app installed on your device contributes to the number of cache files. It might not seem a lot initially but as the number of apps keeps increasing on your device, these cache files […]

How to Delete Browser History On Android

In the modern-day and age, nearly everything gets saved (whether knowingly or unknowingly) on every item that can be remotely called a tech product. This includes our contacts, private messages & emails, documents, pictures, etc. As you might be aware, every time you fire up your web browser and look up something, it gets logged […]

How to Disable Adobe AcroTray.exe at Startup

Adobe and its vast range of applications help solve a lot of creative dilemmas. However, the applications itself can cause an equal number of problems/issues as they solve. One of the more frequently experienced problems is the AcroTray.exe running in the background automatically. Acrotray is a component/extension of the Adobe Acrobat application which is frequently […]

How to Disable OTA Notifications on Android

Android users nowadays get a lot of updates and security patches for their phones. These updates are now getting more frequent. That is there is at least a security patch update once every month. These updates become annoying when they prompt you with frequent notifications to update your android device. Sometimes the notification won’t go […]

How to Enable Grayscale Mode on Android

Android 10 recently launched an uber cool dark mode that immediately won the hearts of a lot of users. Apart from looking great, it also saves a lot of battery. The inverted colour theme has replaced the overbearing white space in the background of most apps with black. This consumes a lot less power by […]

How to Fix Dell Diagnostic Error 2000-0142

Hard drive problems are pretty common in older laptops and sometimes in newer ones too. While the signs of a hard drive gone bad are quite easy to interpret (these include data corruption, extremely long boot/start-up time, slow read-write speeds, etc.), one needs to confirm that it is indeed the hard drive that is causing […]

How to Fix javascript:void(0) Error

Surfing the internet is as pleasurable as it is frustrating. Users face a number of errors when trying to access certain webpages. Some of these errors are quite easy to resolve while others can be a pain in the neck. The javascript:void(0) error falls under the latter class. The javascript:void(0) may be experienced by windows […]