Top 8 Free File Manager Software For Windows 10

The File Explorer, previously known as the Windows Explorer is a file manager application that is available with the Windows OS from the beginning. It provides a graphical user-interface using which you can easily access your files and data stored in your computer. It includes features like the design overhaul, ribbon toolbar, and many more. […]

Top 9 Free Proxy Software For Windows 10

Internet censorship is very common these days. There are some sites which can hack your data and because of these sites, some virus or malware can also enter your computer. And due to this, some authorities like big companies, schools, colleges, etc. keep these sites blocked so that no one will be able to access […]

Top 9 Most Popular Music Production Software For PC Users

Music is the best way to refresh your mind, to calm yourself, to distract yourself, to reduce stress, and more. But in order to listen to music, it has to be made first. Music-making is not a big deal these days because of the thousands of free software available in the market. There is still no […]

What is a Service Pack? [Explained]

What is a Service Pack? Any software package that contains a set of updates for either an operating system or an application, is called a service pack. Small, individual updates are referred to as patches or software updates. If the company has developed many updates, it clubs these updates together and releases them as a […]

What is Bonjour Service on Windows 10?

A few of you, while going through the task manager to find that pesky little process hogging up your resources, might have noticed a process listed as Bonjour Service. Although, even fewer know what the service really is and what role it plays in their day-to-day PC activities. First up, the Bonjour Service is not […]

What Is Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter & How To Enable It?

Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter is the latest addition to the Windows operating system which virtualizes the physical network adapter in the same way as VMWare virtualizes the entire OS. On a virtual network, an adapter can connect to the regular wireless networks and another virtual network adapter can connect to another network such as […]

What is the Difference Between a Router and a Modem?

The term internet is always linked to the terms router and modem (modulator/demodulator). But most of the people generally get confused, are both router and modem the same? Do they perform the same task? If not, how are they different from each other? So, to resolve this dilemma of people, in this article, you will […]

Which Song Is Playing? Find The Name Of That Song!

There are numerous apps in the market that can provide you with the complete details of an unknown song by its lyrics or by a recording of that song if you do not know the lyrics. You can determine the song’s name, its singer, and composer using any smart device where you can run the app. […]

Wi-Fi Standards Explained: 802.11ac, 802.11b/g/n, 802.11a

All modern internet users are aware of the term Wi-Fi. It is a way to connect to the internet wirelessly. Wi-Fi is a trademark that is owned by the Wi-Fi Alliance. This organization is responsible for certifying Wi-Fi products if they meet the 802.11  wireless standards set by the IEEE. What are these standards? They […]