9 Best City Building Games for Android

This Title, on a lighter note, seems to be the brainchild of an engineer possessing a dual degree in computers and civil engineering. It is as if he is trying to probe playfully through gaming on building a city using computers. An excellent thought no doubt if that is the motto. With this in the […]

Fix Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation high CPU usage

Like a hungry animal, everything on your personal computer always wants to hog/eat up as many resources as possible. The hoggers on a Windows PC are the various applications, processes, and services that constantly run in the background without the user ever knowing about them, and the resources being hogged upon are the CPU and […]

Fix Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003

More than 80% of personal computers around the globe incorporate an Nvidia GeForce graphics card to establish their gaming prowess. Each of these computers has an Nvidia companion application too. The companion application is called GeForce Experience and helps in keeping the GPU drivers up-to-date, automatically optimizing game settings for best performance, live streams, capturing […]

14 Best Manga Reader Apps for Android

Comics are the favorite pastime of children. You can keep them away from mischief by getting them busy in comics and novels. For that matter, the elders and people of all age groups enjoy novels and comics too. In Japan, these comics and novels for people of all age groups are referred to as Manga. […]

17 Best Adblock Browsers for Android (2021)

Web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and many others on the World Wide Web are some of the best tools to surf the web. You can search for anything, may it be a product or a write-up. They are without a doubt the best media to interact with anyone through E-mail, Facebook or play videogames […]

13 Best Audio Recording Software for Mac

Audio is the backbone of the sound and music industry. Every other person wants to be the next Kishore Kumar or Lata Mangeshkar of the music world. To be recognized as the best singer or a radio jockey or the best compare on a TV program or the next indie DJ implying the best DJ […]

Wi-Fi Standards Explained: 802.11ac, 802.11b/g/n, 802.11a

All modern internet users are aware of the term Wi-Fi. It is a way to connect to the internet wirelessly. Wi-Fi is a trademark that is owned by the Wi-Fi Alliance. This organization is responsible for certifying Wi-Fi products if they meet the 802.11  wireless standards set by the IEEE. What are these standards? They […]

Fix Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch in Windows 10

Developed by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts, Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the most popular role-playing action game thanks to its incredibly strategic multiplayer gameplay. Dragon Age Inquisition is the third major addition in the Dragon Age franchise and is a sequel to the equally-popular Dragon Age: Origin. The game has been available […]

How to Transfer Microsoft Office to a New Computer?

Microsoft Office is undoubtedly one of the best productivity/business application suites out there. Originally released in 1990, Office has undergone quite a few upgrades and is available in a variety of versions & licenses depending on one’s needs. It follows a subscription-based model and licenses allowing users to install the application suite on multiple systems […]

Fix Problem Sending or Receiving Text on Android

In today’s day and age, SMS service may feel obsolete and a relic from the past, yet it is the most reliable method of communicating via text. But like any other type of technology, it has its own set of problems that need to be solved for it to be reliable and efficient. Not being […]